• Victoria Ayre

10 Top tips to stay cool and comfortable while pregnant in hot weather!

Today was a warm today! Insta was full of photos of people enjoying the gorgeous weather.

However, if you’re pregnant you’ve probably felt more warm than usual. And by this I mean perhaps feeling like you are about to burst into flames. I remember feeling like I needed to be in as little clothes as possible and the shade became my best friend (previously a sun worshipper).

Here are some tips to keep you cool!

1. Invest in something to keep in your handbag to use while you’re out and about. Maybe magicool or some wet wipes that you have kept in the freezer!

2. If you take a trip to a loo while you’re out, run your wrists under cold water! This can really help to cool you down.

3. At night, try filling a hot water bottle up with cold water or have it in the freezer for a bit then sleeping with it. You could even put it in your bed before getting in it so the sheets are already cold.

4. Put a frozen bottle of water in front of your fan or a very cold damp cloth so cool air is being circulated.

5. Buy some vest tops with in built support. The lack of bra is much more comfortable in hot weather! Or keep the bra but buy super loose floaty clothes.

6. As well as tons of cold water to drink, ice lollies, cucumber and watermelon are all your friends. So refreshing and lovely when cold!!

7. When possible, keep your feet in water. Or even keep your entire self in water! A paddling pool, foot spa or washing up bowl will all do the trick! Failing that, try putting on some cold socks! You could even wet them and put them in the freezer if you’re really feeling the heat.

8. A cold cloth over your bump will feel amazing! Try it!!

9. Putting peppermint oil in a diffuser or rubbing it into your skin can apparently create a cool sensation on your skin.

10. the most important one. DRINK DRINK DRINK! Up your fluid intake to stay hydrated. Freeze it before going out to stay extra cool.

Any more good tips you’ve tried and tested?? Write them in the comments below!!! I hope this was useful 🌻🌻

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